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Certification and sanitary registration of foreign goods sold in area of Republic of Belarus.

Certification and sanitary registration of foreign goods sold in area of Republic of Belarus. In order to sell particular groups of foreign goods in territory of Republic of Belarus it is necessary to carry on a sanitary registration or certification, or both at the same time. Groups of goods that are obliged to be certified or are obliged to declare conformity are included in “The list of services, staff and other objects of evaluation subject to obligatory confirmation of conformity in the Republic of Belarus”, confirmed by the virtue of decision of a Standardization Committee, Metrology and Certification by the Cabinet of Republic of Belarus . Specially set up National Certification Authorities take care of obligatory certification and declaration of conformity. Obligatory certification. Depending on a type and specification of foreign goods there are different procedures of holding obligatory certification. The choice of the procedure mainly depends on the fact, if the certificate of conformity is received for a particular part of the products within the contract or if the applicant asks for issuing certificate for a serial production. In other words, producer asks for holding a certification of the whole production, with no connection with any particular agreement with contractor. Certificate for a part of the goods. In this case only importer may be an applicant residing in Republic of Belarus. Certificate of conformity is issued on basis of the results of the tests carried out in an accredited laboratory. Certificate for the part of the goods is issued for 1 year. Taking into account the fact that the original certificate is in possession of the resident and that it is given for certain part of the goods, every other importer- resident of Republic of Belarus applies for the certificate of conformity for a next part of the goods accordingly to the established procedure. Average time of handling all formalities connected with the certificate lasts 1-1.5 month. Certificate for serial production ( certification of production ). In this case the main objective is to handle complex expertise of production and evaluation of the enterprise – producer, not being a resident of Republic of Belarus. Expertise in an obligatory way is held by outgoing special commission to enterprise-producer. All costs, connected with holding the expertise and inviting specialists is to be covered by a receiving side, that is enterprise-producer. Certificate for a serial production is issued for 3 years. In case of possessing certificate for the serial production importer does not need to have a certificate for each part of the goods. Average time of handling all formalities necessary to be certified for a serial production lasts 2-3 months.

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